26th November 2019

Fire Alarm System

Apus Technologies provides you the most reliable Fire Alarm System ensuring the safety of your lives and assets.

The fire alarm system is designed to detect unwanted presence of fire by monitoring environmental changes associated with combustion. Apus Technologies offers stand-alone and integrated, conventional and addressable fire alarm and life safety solutions that minimize your risk, help prevent property loss and ensure a safer environment for your people. Our Fire and Life Safety Solutions are advanced networked applications with a modular architecture, designed to adapt to your changing needs. Our versatile solutions allow the use of a common network and are scalable to virtually any size facility and system configuration — whether you oversee the safety and protection of different types building and applications from a single PC, or monitor a large, globally-integrated network for commercial, residential or government facilities.

Fire Alarm Devices

Basic System Overview

There are many types of fire alarm systems each suited to different building types and applications. A Fire Alarm System can vary dramatically in both price and complexity, from a single panel with a detector and sounder in a small commercial property to an addressable Fire Alarm System in a multi-occupancy building. As can be seen from this example, these systems have to protect both buildings and occupants.

Apus Technologies & Services provide you Real Security at a Reasonable Price.