21st October 2019

Video Surveillance System

Video Surveillance Systems

We provide the latest Video Surveillance Technology available in the world with complete video monitoring and recording solutions in maximization of integration of the sub-systems and also centralized monitoring and recording as required.


In Addition

Professional Video surveillance system provide a high quality real time (live) Video surveillance & recording of your premises provide complete view of inside and out site of your perimeter locally and remotely and it improve your security and safety across antisocial incidents and crime, Video surveillance system also provide remote monitoring and you can control your system from your smartphone, tablet or laptop remotely.



Professional Cameras

There’s a wide range of sophisticated security system cameras, which you can mix and match to build a surveillance system to suit the specific security needs of your premises.

We are offering a selection of IP and analogue HD, megapixel cameras, Domecameras, Bullet cameras, indoor/outdoor cameras, day/ night cameras, infrared illuminators, bulletproof cameras, wireless cameras and 360-degree PTZ dome cameras.